Friday, April 11, 2014

Press conference against the controversial WWII Monument

Fruzsina Magyar, Gabor Popper and Andrea Zoltai holding press conference against the controversial WWII Monument.


Protest continue against controversial WWII Monument in Budapest

Protest continue against the controversial monument dedicated to the victims of the German occupation of Hungary during WW II, in Freedom Square Budapest, Hungary. 

Photo 1. Fruzsina Magyar expresses her feeling against Nazism on construction fence, covered by plastic. 
Photo 2. Fruzsina Magyar and Andrea Zoltai organizers having conversation with a supporter right nearby the construction side. 
Photo 3. Construction workers started to build the fund of the monument
Photo 4. Zoltan Lovas journalist reading the report just a half an hour after he was released from the police department for vandalizing plastic covered construction fence. Being questioned for hours, his fingerprints and pics were taken 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tiltakozás a német megszállás emlékműve ellen

Video a civilek és a baloldali összefogás pártjainak tiltakozásáról a Szabadság téri német megszállási emlékmű ellen. Az eseményen kb. 300-an vettek részt. A felszólalók beszéde után a jelenlévők együttesen lebontották a kormány által felállított kordont, mely a szobor talapzatának leendő helyét volt hivatott elkeríteni.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Protest against Controversial WWII Monument in Budapest

A demonstration was held against the controversial monument dedicated to the victims of the German occupation of Hungary during WW II, held by the opposition Democratic Coalition party in Freedom Square Budapest, Hungary. Members of the Jewish community were among the demonstrators and argued that the memorial removes any responsibility from the Hungarian government of that time for the death of Hungarian Jews. The protesters blocked work on a controversial monument.

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Picture 1.     Szabolcs Kerek-Barczy, member of the Democratic Coalition party (DK) 
Picture 4.     Csaba Horvath, member of the opposition Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)
Picture 5.     Klara Dobrev, wife of previous PM of Hungary, Ferenc Gyurcsany


Monday, April 7, 2014

Lajos Bokros MOMA

Lajos Bokros, controversial former Socialist Finance Minister of Hungary, MEP and founder of Movement for a Modern Hungary (Moma), collected signatures to run for the EU Parliamentary Election at Budapest Western Railway Terminal.

The party entered into an agreement with Unity 2014 movement "Összefogás 2014" in February to support the oppositions "from outside" but would not run on the alliance's party list or field individual candidates.

Lajos Bokros is best known for the so-called "Bokros package" a string of austerity measures implemented during his term as Finance Minister.

Parliamentary election was held in Hungary on 6 April 2014 (yesterday). The left conceded defeat.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Boxer

S. Orban is a former boxer living on the streets of Budapest. He's experiencing homelessness for 24 years. He doesn't expect anything unusual or out of the ordinary from the upcoming election. The Boxer has only his family name common with Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Initiative for the homeless vs political campaign?

Initiative of students of social work and sociology together with activists showed up to hold “office hours” for homeless people in a temporary tent, called "Crisis Center" (Krízis Központ) at Blaha Lujza square in Budapest.They're providing emergency humanitarian assistance for homeless people. Just 30 meters away approx 2000 meals are served to homeless people by "Magyar Szociáldemokraták Pártja (Hungarian Social Democrats' Party)" led by Andor Schmuck. (The only party which is provides food for anyone who's in need during the campaign instead of spending for billboard and TV ads) The truck of Hungarian association Oxyteam which provides rescue and ambulance support at all national sporting events just parked a few meters away from the location where the political party served the food. Nothing to do with this if they don't label the truck with the following text " Egészségbusz (Health Bus, Nem kampánybusz (Not for political campaign ), Szociáldemokraták (Social Democrats). Local authority permit was required for the activities but issued only for those requested with political will, told by one of the Crisis Center activist.

(A parliamentary election will be held in Hungary on 6 April 2014.)